Scrub back and forth with the slider on each image to compare the BEFORE and AFTER of the photos with and without retouches.




Retouching or “PhotoShopping” images isn’t all about making models appear skinnier or airbrushing skin until it is has a porcelain like texture. Often there are other uses for retouching, such as removing distracting elements that are sometimes unavoidable during a photo-shoot.



Often times photographers have to work quick under pressure and don’t have a lot of time to set up and tweak the lighting and composition in our photographs. This is where being knowledgeable in Photoshop can come in handy to remove distracting elements, swapping any closed eyes with open eyes from previous photos, ect.



More distracting elements removed, shadows softened, faces brightened, other image improvements. The goal is to keep the photo looking natural and believable!




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